Health & Wellness


Energy! We all wish we had more of it. We all need it to get through our busy lives. Not the kind of energy that comes in a can, or coffee mug or crinkly wrapper either. The kind of energy that comes from these 8 healthy habits. They are easier than you think.

  1. Rise Early-People who get up early are more pro-active, use the extra time to collect yourself, exercise, or eat breakfast.
  2. Eat Breakfast-Starting your day with healthy food choices is the kick-start to get you going and keep you going until lunch. Try to include these power houses: eggs, peanut butter, yogurt or fruit.
  3. Drink Water-It is so obvious, but free and easy. Do it!
  4. Get Up and Move-We are not physiologically made to be sedentary. Short walks around your workspace can keep blood flowing for healthy energy.
  5. Bring Your Lunch-Preparing your food at home can drastically reduce your calorie intake and ensure you are getting a balanced meal to keep you going until the end of the day.
  6. Stretch-Do a few minutes in the morning right after you wake up to get your blood moving to all your extremities. Then, make sure to do a few during the day. Try to gently stretch your neck and roll your shoulders if you work at a desk all day.
  7. Sneak In Exercise-Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Leave your bus or train stop early and walk. Part of being fit is working in extra mobility into your day.
  8. Eat At The Right Time-Having food late at night can have a big impact on how your body metabolizes the calories and also negatively impact the quality of your sleep.